Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I got one!

I have decided to make a blog because I have a pretty interesting life (well I think so anyway) and I got a new camera!!!


My Aunt Dara came into town and we went to a super nice dinner at the hotel she was staying at. It was way cool except for the fact that I had no voice. Thanks again Dara!

Today for young womens we got crafty and decorated some pots to plant some seeds. (faith is like a little seed if planted it will grow)

After! (not super cute, but I tried)

Seeds are in there and we will see if they grow!


  1. LOL okay seriously -- how have you NOT sent me the url for this blog yet??? i love it! you are a natural -- even a swanky blog background. awesome posts so far (especially the flower pots :) -- keep it up!

  2. i have that same camera as you (plus my newer one :) ) but I love that one. it's great!