Thursday, April 30, 2009


They have totally scarred me to death with the Swine Flu. Holy crap! I know that I will get it if my school does because if you have been to my school you would know what I am talking about or I could just have that kind of luck. But today my friend,Taylor, told me that she wants to get it. I told her she was crazy and she said, "No because then I would be skinny", by the way she is TOTALLY skinny. I said but then you would die and she responded with."Well at least I would die skinny!" Hahaha gotta love her.

But as you can see I am taking precautions.....This is my friend Liz putting on my hand sanitizer that I now carry everyday to school. Thanks Lindsey without this stuff I would die!

I dont know why these came into style....No one i have ever seen has really looked good with this head band on. It makes your forhead look this it has a muffin top and is cutting off the blood flow to your brain. Tell me if i am wrong (not like this is a cute pic anyway)

Let me tell you how I love my school. Even though you can count the number of caucasian people with your hands they are all very friendly. This picture ( Me and Lydia/Gravy(long story)):

Turned into this:

On Tuesday Sachia asked me to do my weekly organizing at her house. Sienna was being SUPER cute and I just couldnt pass up a picture. (Sachia if you are reading this I love coming to your house and helping you or just hanging out!)


  1. lol -- "they turn your head into a muffin top"?? that's almost as funny as your non-abbreviation comment last night. and AHH for swine flu! stay away from those mexican lollipops.

  2. Hahaha the girl in the first pic. has one in her mouth!!!!!

  3. Hi cutie pie...I finally took the computer away from Brett.......Swine Flu to keep skinny.....I need to talk with these girls. :) I love having you over too!!!! Hugs and see you soon!

  4. Oh Kylee, you are hilarious. I feel you on the forehead muffin top- it's really not a good look for anyone. Cute pic of Sienna!
    Your friend needs some help. Stat.

  5. Hahaha oh Sachia every girl feels like that!!!! YAY!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. Natalie I am SO glad u agree with me!!!! My friends need help?? hahaha probably. but then again so do i....hahaha