Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh what a busy weekend!

I know I already blogged about this but I didn't have a picture of my date! His name is Riley and he was a lot of fun to get to know!

We had Jack this past weekend and while I was away at school my mom took him to Griffith Park:
He rode a horse

And he rode the train

She wore him out!

While my mom was away at a meeting I gave the stinker a bath! He was being super cute and smiley so i took a pic!

Yesterday I went to UCLA for a school feild trip. It was way cool and the campus is HUGE! To bad i dont want to stay in CA...... Our fun leaders nickname was Mojo! How bomb is that?!?!

This is me and my friend BeccaThis is me and my friend Mary! (by the way dont mind my awkward arm in the middle)You cant tell really but behind us there are football player figures! YummyAh gosh. My wanna be man candyThis was the most awesome cup i have ever seen! The chicken is orange for Orange Chicken!!!!
Tonight for young womens, Reagan and I were assigned to do a wedding dress out of a bunch of different materials. The dress was way cuter when i hadnt moved yet nut they made me move to a whole other room so it got messed up. We tried though!


  1. wow . wanna be man candy? thanks that makes me feel better lol hahaha

  2. Ok...two things: 1. I can't make the pictures bigger, so you need to e-mail them to me...please! 2. Stop taking nude pictures of my son! Just kiddin'!

  3. Um, your nephew is SO super cute. Love his little faux-hawk.
    Fun field trip.
    Great awkward arm.

  4. Seriously-- I wanna see those pictures bigger too!! P.S. I love that even though Jack was going crazy on the inside riding the train, he looks like he was an abandoned little boy. HAHA.

  5. Where are the pictures of the gym? Wasn't that one of your favorite parts?? Free working out?? What a great reason to sign up for college.

    Nephew of yours is dar-ling!

  6. hahaha it was but they didnt take us inside of the gym. dont worry though ill get some soon enough when i really go to college!!!!