Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amazing Purchases!

So last Saturday I went to Loehmann's in search for a new scent of perfume. I found it! This is Princess by Vera Wang and I love it and of course i got a totally good deal cuz we all know that's what im about when it comes to shopping!And i have recently become a BIG fan of head bands or clips that have huge flowers in them as you can tell....

Then today I went to Kohls with my mom and we got this shirt for 14 dollars when it was originally 40( by the way it looks huge but it looks way cute with leggings)
And my mother found this cute jacket for me that was originally 50 dollars but we got it for 10!
The absolute best part was that we also had a 10% off coupon so our total was like 13 something!
I also was in DESPERATE need of new shoes so we got some converse( on sale). The funniest things happened when I was buying them: First i was bending down and i said something to my mom who was a little farther behind my but I look up and say mom and a guy is standing in front of me and he goes um im not your mom.....poor guy! And then we were paying for them and the girl goes do you need any socks with those and for some reason i thought she said you dont need to wear socks with those and i was like WHAT?!?! All this for some shoes.... But the pink stripe is way cute! :)
Tomorrow I am going to Magic Mountain for the FIRST time and Im totally freaking out but I will definetly post pics of my fun adventure! Cross your fingers i dont fall out of the rides!


  1. I love that you are such a bargain hunter. You remind me of myself back in the day. I would leave the store with 2 bags full of clothes and my sis would get one thing...for the same amount of $. Can't wait to see you in your new shirt. so cute

  2. I love your gray darling! Well, I love all of it but that stands out to me cuz I'm a secret jacket freak...oh wait, you already know that! Your just cute cute cute...happy you went shopping!

  3. Thanks so much to the both of u!!!

  4. wow kylee you always get the best deals. haha