Thursday, May 28, 2009

I have been a bad blogger!

What has recently happen is that i went to 6 flags. I was TOTALLY freaked out(as you all know) but i did it and had sooooo much fun!!! I went on most of the rides. Even the one that i said i would for sure not go on aka Goliath. I hung out most of the day with Mary and her guy friends so here are some pics:
Um heck yes we took a picture with Batman. He was kinda scary and totally not friendly. I was all happy and friendly and i didn't get one word out of him!

This is Goliath( you go up 26 stories and go straight down at 85 mph) by the way some people black out on this ride. I think i did because i don't even remember the drop!

This is X2. If you notice those people are facing straight down while going straight down and this ride has fire that comes out at you! AWESOME!!!!!

Me and Mary after a hot and dirty day( you can tell from the red faces)! But yes i will DEFINITELY go back :)
I have recently gotten WAY crafty! Here are some little girl clips( the ones without the buttons in the middle aren't done yet, except for the little ones) and some burp cloths!

And another New Moon update! Ok soooo he does look wayyyyy pale and kinda stoned but OH MY GOSH he body has gotten wayyyyy better from Twilight!

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  1. 6 Flags looked so fun. I really hope that when you passed out on the ride it wasn't because you were thinking of this pasty white guy from some movie you made me watch!