Saturday, September 26, 2009

My recent weeks...

Recently I babysat Crew and Hudson and totally loved it. Crew is super cute and while he was in the bath tub he insited that I put his hair into a fo-hawk and take a picture of him and his little brother. Crew also likes to put me to work, he LOVES playing baseball and this past time we played football. Hudson is very good too and loves to turn up the volume for the tv to as loud as it can go.
I also went to the beach with a few of my South Pasadena friends and had a lot of fun even though I don't go all the way out in the water where the huge waves are, but I still go in half way! Anyway... as we were leaving I turned around and said, " Look! It's Jesus!" Looks like when you go to heaven you can still go to the beach so maybe I will go far out into the water once I get to heaven.
Ahhh the bowls! Mostly this picture is for my sisters but for all of the other readers my family has had christmas bowls and boring white ones since I was little so these fun colored orange ones really make my day!
It snowed in my room today! Haha no, but it looks like it! This is actually the paint that I scrape off my walls. Long story short, my walls peel and so I take a little razor blade scraper and peel off the peeling paint. So far this is what I have accomplished but on Monday a professional is coming to see what can be done!
Hopefully it will look pretty soon! :)


  1. Wow, progress ont he walls. Yay, I'm envisioning painted walls for your room and cute frilly things all around.

  2. That is the cutest pic...Crew is hilarious. He talks about you constantly. Thanks for being so great with my boys. It helps so much knowing when we leave that they are in great hands. You are too cute! And I can't wait to see your "new room"

  3. Aw thanks I will babysit for you anytime!!! Haha thanks. hopefully it will all come together soon! :)

  4. K so I am dying to know... what did the pro-fesh say about your walls?!?!

  5. He told dad to buy some paint that makes the paint stick to the walls. we just have to peel off the loose peices of paint, i think sand the walls, and then paint but idk i could be wrong!