Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Saving September

It all started with my mother making me download Quicken to balance my check book. Or whatever the heck the thing does. Basically all I do is put all the money I have spent and earned into certain categories and press some buttons and it magically does whatever its supposed to do. Well folks, there has been too much spending. Mostly on food and clothes... no bueno! So this month I'm going to make a food budget and hopefully stick to it and I am not buying anymore clothes for this whole month! Possibly two depending on how cray cray I get. So guys, what's a reasonable budget for one girl who doesn't wanna buy crap food??

I feel kinda like this baby right now, just kidding. This will be good for me.Why can't we all just be loaded and not have to save?!


  1. UGH! Isn't saving the worst?! I've been grocery shopping at Aldi (SO GHETTO!) Idk if you have them where you live, but I can usually get groceries for me and my fiance for the week for around $30. Granted I make him pack lunch meat sandwiches and generic hot pockets for lunch everyday, but it works! Then I cook chicken and veggies for dinner pretty much every night, but the less food I buy, the less food I eat, and the less weight I gain (WIN WIN!) But yeah, I'm saving for a wedding, so I finally got put on shopping lockdown and its the WORST! I'm going to try to check out our local thrift store maybe once a month and see what kind of pieces I can get from there to still feel like I'm getting new things. GOOD LUCK ON THE SAVING! Sometimes all it takes is a good month of saving to get back on track!


  2. haha you crack me up! life of shopaholics... i'm on fast until december... don't know how i'll do it!

  3. I'm so proud! You'll be happy you learned this lesson early rather than later. Things are what make you happy...find other reasons to be proud of yourself, like being an excellent student, being a really good person, setting good goals and living up to them. Looks and fashion change but good character can last forever.

  4. I would say $100 to $150 should be PLENTY for food for you for a month (you just can't eat out much). You should start a dinner rotation with your roommates. That way you can make a meal and it doesn't all go to waste or you won't get sick of the leftovers.