Sunday, July 12, 2009

I promised a big post!

So last time I wrote I had a new niece. Well now I have finished 10th grade and am moving forward to 11th (yes, that is a BIG accomplishment) I have gone to Utah twice and the beach for youth conference and Nevada. I also have a new nephew, Owen, who came into this world in a pretty surprising way (aka my sis. had him at home on her bathroom floor). My miamaid leader has left for Utah :( and in 2 weeks I am going to Lake Powell.
On the last day of school its always very happy and sad cuz you most likely wont see your friends till next year but I tried to make the best of it:
This is Mary and Vincent (btw thats not his real hair)

This is Ruth (aka my friend who shares the Robert Pattinson obsession!)

And this is Kyle (he is ALWAYS sleeping!)
This is Siennas first birthday party! The theme was super cute and I loved helping Sachia put it all together!:
Of course Sienna had her own mini cake
And her Grandma, who is HILARIOUS, totally dressed up!

On my first trip up to Utah it was a road trip with the Fackrells! Btw thanks again for bringing me along :) Ok, so, Mia (their daughter) was watching Sponge Bob the WHOLE time up to St. George and I got a couple of really awesome pics: She was soooo zoned

Then here are some pics of my niece Camryn!:
This was Youth Conference!:Chelsea and I were waiting for the fun to begin!
The boys did some Hawaiian dancing!

These girls were super cute and i took care of them for our service project!


  1. Hillarious, cute and super funny. You need a gig writing for Saturday Night Live!!!!

    You TOTALLY helped put Sienna's party together....thank you for the extra pic's too. :)

  2. yeah! awesome blog. i love when you catch us up :) miss you already, keep up the posting.