Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer of 2009

This is baby Owen! After hold my niece Camryn he felt like he was 2 lbs.! And Camryn is not fat at all!
The beginning of the Lake Powell trip. As you can see, Reagan and I were super pale but still happy!
Before: ewwww SO stinking pasty!After: NICE!This is where all of the drama started. So we ALL get loaded in the house boat except for Ramona, Dani and Amber cuz they go to pick up the Seedos. Well we go our separate ways but of course Ramona has no idea where the house boat will end up so Brooke, Mack, Ray and I go to pick them up on Rays boat. After screaming at them to get their attention I hope on the back of a Seedo and take off. Within 2 min. the boat stops and we find out that Brooke has run over a rock and damaged the engine completely. It was totally not her fault and no one was hurt.
This is Rainbow Bridge. It's some Native American landmark but its retarded cuz its technically not a bridge cuz you cant go across and you cant go underneath cuz it will bring bad luck to the Indians or something. Ummm the Indians that lived by this are DEAD!
After the bridge we went to go get ice cream cuz it is like 120 degrees! The ice cream was freaking huge so we gave some to the fishes! They gross me out bad...Reagan was a little dare devil and tried to get up on one ski! Unfortunately she failed... I got up on a wake board 3 times out of 4! (Videos will come on the next post) This makes us look like beasts but it has a fun story behind it. Ok so Ray and I were sitting on the boat waiting for Ramona to come back from the airport cuz she dropped off Ron. As I look at Tyler (bro-in-law) he has his iPhone held up so it looks like hes taking a pic of Ray. I see this HUGE flash of light and I think its the phone until I feel this tiny shock on the back of my hand and I hear some SUPER loud thunder coming from literally right behind me. Haha of course Ray and I screamed!When we finally got back to the house boat after the HORRIBLE storm that took about an hour to get out of we were informed that while we were gone the house boat ropes all broke and so we had nothing for the house boat to tie onto and if another storm happened we would be toast. So we decided to play it safe and head back to the dock a day early. This is a mixture my suit case and Reagans, possibly some of Ethans. Who knows!On the way to the dock there was an amazing sun set!On the way back from Powell and to Vegas! Notice how there are 3 people in the back seat instead of 2. The car was jam packed! As Ray and I said there is more room for a baby in utero then there was in there!Um yeah.. I got bored so i put lotion on my hands and decided to make Ethans hair crazy! He looks better then before. JK!I could not let this stay Vegas. This is and ad for a restaurant. What is appealing about legs coming out of your food!We went to the zoo while the adults gambled. I got some pretty nice pics.Reagan and I tried to get Hayden (the baby) in the pic but the one we did get with her wasn't cute of us.Me and Hayden! You should've seen all of the people judging me while I was holding her.

On the way home Reagan forced me to go on this roller coaster on State Line. In line I hated her for it but on the ride I could NOT stop laughing while she was screaming! we got whipped around so much on it but it was way fun! Yes, it goes higher than the hotel. Yesterday I went to the beach with the young women. I could go in sadly cuz I had a call back for an audition and I wasn't going to be able to go home before it to get all clean. By the way the braces are off! Me and Sienna chilling with our matching sun glasses.


  1. Your hair pictures scared me...I thought it was an iwok from Star Wars at first glance. The roller coaster looks insane and you and Reagan are too cute together. Glad you had a blast in Lake Powell even though you guys got a hole in the boat, got bruised from the sea do rides, Reagen's arm tore from her braces, and the weather wasn't cooperating! Fun times.

  2. Aww Beast... wanna share some of that tan with me?? XOXO

  3. baby Owen is too cute! Fun trip. And you look gorgeous with your braces off! CONGRATS!

  4. You know that there are dead indians sticking pins into a Kylee voodoo doll because you called Rainbow Bridge retarded, right??? Get down here. I am so much tanner than you are. :)

  5. Hahaha omg i didnt c this comment till now! sorry! i totally called u today so u better call me back!