Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its been awhile!

Well first of all I have been such a horrible blogger because soooo many things have been going on! First off I went to Girls Camp, it was really fun and I got to know a whole lot of people a ton better! Second, I have been babysitting like CRAZY and trying to fit summer homework into my life on top of it all. Thirdly, I got my braces OFF! Yes, it took forever but they are officially gone and I am not stuck with a sick retainer that is removable on top and a bottom one that is permanent. JOY!
I know my face looks super cheesy but I didn't know how to show them all of without that face happening!
These are some of the people I got closer to at camp. I feel like such a tard cuz I actually had a camera this year but I didn't take any pics except for this one!
These are some that my second mother (Laurie Astle) took:
All of the girls at movie night. I have never once stayed for the movie.After the hike we all rested and played cards! Oh and I failed and trying to make a hat. It looks like a Jew yamakaMe and my mom at camp! Please excuse the retainer in my mouth!One time while I was helping my good friend Sachia she gave me this and told me to decorate it and then show her a pick so here it is!Oh and I have also been trying to fit in some time with the friends... :) Last saturday my mormon group of friends went to the beach and had a bon fire! That was a good night :)K, Reagan will HATE me for putting this up but it was the only picture that I had with the 3 of us!Ah, you gotta love AJ! By the way, I am fully aware of that the piece of hair in the middle of my forehead but I don't know how to edit it out!No matter how much trouble the boy next to me causes in my life I cant help but smile to my full extent!Cute Katherine making a smore!Chelsea and AJWhenever my aunt Dara visits LA she is always so kind to think of my family and invite us to dinner before she leaves. This was an unexpected and last minute dinner at The Cheesecake Factory!And to come I am doing a photo shoot with Mollie Jane on the 1st so hopefully I will get some nice pics to post!


  1. yeah! i will assume this post is a direct result of my request :) good job.

  2. Yay...glad you posted and your Aunt is a total inspiration for us older ladies. Your picture board turned out sooo cute! Can't wait to see the Mollie Jane pictures.

  3. What up girl! I'm calling you back tomorrow about the first...would love to see you!