Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hollywood here I come!

Well first off I got a tiny party in a new Nickelodeon tv show that will be coming out at the end of February I think. I was Cheerleader number one so I got to say a line to one of the main characters! I met everyone which was really cool, especially the famous ones :)

Then on Christmas day my family and I went to Henderson, Nevada to see all of my sisters and the babies! Even though I was sick for a little while of it I had a blast with everyone!

After I came home my new favorite person came to visit me for New Years! It was amazing and a night I will NEVER foget :) We never ended up taking a ton of pics before he left but I got a few of his many funny faces

One day I will put up a cuter one.... I just have to remind myself to take the dang picture!

Everyone was VERY tired from the lack of sleep!


  1. Why does my kid look so HOMELY!?!? Poor Cam....

  2. Cool Kylee. I love the cheerleader look on you and I am waiting to see the show. That is great, fill us in when it airs.