Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Formal!

Well about two weeks ago I went to Orange County to help babysit. Of course the day before I went I woke up to find my eye all disgusting and red! Well because of this I couldnt wear any make up and my eye was CONSTANTLY watery and just nasty. Well, one night Mason, the guy I like, came over to help me babysit the little children. But before he came he called me and said that he would be a little late cuz he had to go run some errands with his mom. I said ummm okay, u didnt have to call, but thanks?? Then I was hanging around Marianne and she said something along the lines of dont read my texts and you cant be by my so i was like ummm okay.... Well later I find out that she is in on the plan that Mason has created. Once Mason got there I guess Marianne ran into the room I was staying in and put a TON of this princess stuff on my bed without me knowing. Well once she left I had to go to the room to put siccors away so I wouldnt forget them in O.C. So I go into the room and see this:

I was shocked so I went to Mason and said, " Ummmm what is that stuff in my room, its not my birthday?!?!?!" And he told me to go look at it. Well I happen to be terrified of gifts from guys so I was SUPER reluctant but I evetually looked inside the bag and found a princess crown, LOTS of candy, a princess wand, a card and another princess thing that I can't describe. I opend the card and inside it went something like this, If you come to winter formal with me I will treat you like the true princess you are. Love your prince. Aftter I got over the shock I said YES of course! I was just so surprised cuz no one in Pasadena would do that, if anything I wouldve gotten a text or something. Oh and you may be wondering what all the princess stuff is about but its a thing were if either of us whines about something stupid then we call eachother a princess or a prince. :)

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