Thursday, October 6, 2011

Beginning College Life

So far, its been wonderful! Today is the first day of SNOW, mixed feelings about this one.... but at least it means that all of my cute winter clothes get to come out of hiding. So far this has happened:

Made friends with this lovely roomie of mine, I have more but we haven't taken pictures together yet.

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The beautiful Rexburg Temple

Discovered that people over here like to match on group dates

Met this wonderful gentleman

Found out what its like to by my own groceries, now I'm going on a hunt for boys who will buy me food.

Apparently ducks and geese over here really aren't that afraid of people

Seriously LOVE my cooking class, even if its at a horrible morning hour

Embraced the adventurous Kylee

And thats pretty much all the pictures I have for now. I WILL blog more cuz this experience is gonna be one I want to remember forever!


  1. Haha!! What exactly did you buy for yourself on that grocery trip?? Ps- yay!! I'm so glad my recommendation of a cooking class has been good!

  2. I seriously bought anything good that I felt the need for that was on sale. But its okay cuz I will NOT be needing much for awhile now.... for real, if you ever want any recipes from me just ask and I will share the goodies :)