Sunday, October 30, 2011

Missing these things....

Maybe since Im a tad bit hormonal Im a little more sentimental at the moment but none the less, I miss these things:

Seriously all of you who are currently in CA do NOT take the wonderful, although sometimes rainy, California weather for granted. It is a blessing compared to the never reaching 60 even though its sunny weather that Idaho provides. Oh and the atmosphere, although less spiritual, is always exciting and never boring which I miss.

I have been craving this for a long time now.... This isn't even the only food place that I miss, the good old Taco Truck, Shogun, and mom's cooking also make the list. Speaking of that wonderful woman....

This Lady is being greatly MISSED. I LOVE YOU and am so very grateful for your influence in my life. More loving words to come on November 4th.

These people are one of a kind and I miss their faces a ton! I can't wait to come home in December to eat pickles, watch retarded movies, laugh at nothing and have photo booth sessions!

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