Friday, January 20, 2012

I have been inspired

I feel that since this is a new year it would be a good idea to actually start accomplishing some things in my life. So for this entire year I will make an effort to:
1. Start having posts that have to do with fashion and cooking on my blog about every 2-3 days and see how that goes
2. Go to the gym EVERY OTHER day. I seriously need to become happy with my butt.
3. Become better with praying, scripture reading, and temple going.
4. Become the woman that I would want someone to marry. This DOESN'T mean that I'm looking to get married at all!
5. DATE DATE DATE! Or at least put myself out there more
6. Get practically straight A's for the second time this semester
This all officially starts next week! Don't judge me for being a few weeks late to starting the resolutions party.

As for recent events that have happened, Mr. Ming came to visit me!!!

We had a blast together, as always, the end. :)

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