Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My life has gotten crazy recently. My math class started two weeks ago and although I do like the class, Im not a huge fan of the amount of work. I've been dating, a lot, and loving it! Working out everyday hasn't been happening and it frustrates me on a regular basis but not enough to change up my daily schedule. Hopefully one of these days it will. The weather is fantastic! Its 9 a.m. and already almost 40 degrees, say what?? When it does snow it snows for a day and then it melts within two days. The puddles aren't fun but it puts my cute Hunter boots to good use so theres an upside. I'm having mixed feelings about my last month before my summer begins but hopefully in the end I will feel good about it. I made a super yummy garlic pesto with chicken pizza. You can find the recipe here: http://sugarcooking.blogspot.com/2010/02/perfect-pizza-crust-and-roasted-garlic.html hopefully, unlike me, you won't burn an oven mitt in the process.

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