Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Way of Staying Healthy

Alright so Im pretty healthy when it comes to feeding my addiction of buying clothes, or more of what I call necessities. I have the tendency to feel like I frequently need the hottest new thing. But, I am realistic and I know that spending over 50 bucks on pants with flowers on them probably isn't going to be the best decisions because we all know those most likely won't be anything amazeballs by 2014. I mean lets get real, if Im gonna have this addiction I have to be wise in my purchases. I just need to limit the purchasing. As for now, with my healthy income from the lovely mothers in my area, I might be tempted to buy the floral pants if I found them at a good enough price. Now, lets not get cray cray, I don't want to look like a hippie child or a floral rainbow mess. If anyone knows of any holla back!

I want!!!! But to my dismay these are J.Crew pants. Um all I have to say is yeah right. 

(Didn't know if I was allowed to put up a picture that I got from another blog so I scribbled over the pretty womans face. SORRY)

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