Tuesday, September 4, 2012

City Hall

Shirt: Forever21 Pants: Pacsun Heels: Unknown Necklace: Nordstrom

            Awhile ago my lover aka Reagan, had a super cute shirt from Nordstrom and I was totes jelly cuz it was dang cute but the price tag wasn't.... I'm just not the kind of girl to spend 30 bucks for a shirt that's casual. So I went on a hunt and I found that lovely gem above. I should've gotten a pic of the back but since I didn't I'll just tell you. The back is a full on zipper! I don't know why, but I love zippers on shirts! And the color of this shirt is amazeballs. 
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  1. Just found your blog through another blogs comments. I love when I find others who want to look fashionable on a budget! (I have a budget blog as well) Somehow I think the fact that I know my outfit didn't cost a ton, I think it looks cheap, but then when I see others in clothes from F21, H&M, etc. I think it looks so classy and expensive. I'll definitely be hijacking some of your fashion expertise :)

  2. First off adorable top and amazing background! Reminds me of a gorgeous Spanish style home in LA

  3. I love that top! Your blog is great! Now following you on GFC. I hope you will visit mine too and follow back if you like! Take care!



  4. Love love the color of this top, and I too am a sucker for the peplum! So chic!
    Christa Jayne

  5. This is such a darling peplum! and it's from f21!?
    What a great find! I'm envious.

    I'm glad I stumbled on your blog! I'm your 21st follower!