Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion Shows, Deserts, and More!

Hey guys I have some exciting news! I happen to be one of the lucky winners of the FNO (Fashion's Night Out) VIP ticket that I posted about a couple of days ago!!! I'm so stoked I almost started crying, literally. Fun fact about me: I cry basically whenever I have a heightened emotion. Anyway... I feel like this is the perfect event to attend since I'm a beginner at this whole fashion blogging world. But I'm stressin over what to wear! I'm thinking black blazer, black sequin top, red pants (you know, to add some pop), and cheetah heels. Calling ALL readers out there, let me know what you think, SERIOUSLY! Bieber won't be able to resist right?? JK. I will definitely make sure to take pics and share the tips that I learn. So look out for that post!

        As for todays post:

Skirt: Forever21 Shirt: Nordstrom Rack Shoes: Unknown

      You get one semi-good picture of an outfit. Lesson learned, I won't hate on it staying light later in the evening ever again. I will get better at this picture business, promise! If anyone has tips, your advice would be appreciated. 

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  1. love your shoes! what a cute blog! i am a new follower!

    Xo Meghan